Help - How to register on LeetGamerZ

Here is a tutorial meanwhile the translation of the website. If you have any question, please ask on the forum LeetGamerZ, available on the left of the menu bar. You can also ask to an Admin directly.


1. Register on the website of LeetGamerZ

- Write your mail in (avoid hotmail if it is possible

- Write your Nickname (only letters, numbers, space, point, dash and underscore)

- Create a password (must contain at least one number, one uppercase and one lowercase character)

- Write your password again to confirm

- Enter your mail again to confirm

- Check and accept the terms of use

- Check and accept to receive mails from LeetGamerZ (optional)

- Check and accept to receive mails from LeetGamerZ's partners (optional)

- Log in to the website.

- You will be redirected to your profile to enter some information.

Your information:

Your NickName (can be changed later)
Sex (male or female)
First name
Date of birth

Guestbook :

Guestbook : check to enable your guestbook (allows other users on LeetgamerZ to write messages there)
Check if you want to accept 1v1 challenges

Location :

Country : choose your country
Department : choose your department if you live in France
City : enter your City's name

Reminder :

Website : enter your website if you have one. Don't forget "http://"
Job/occupancy : write your job or occupancy in

Newsletters :

Check if you accept to receive mails from LeetGamerZ
Check if you accept to receive mails from LeetGamerZ's Partners


Click on 'Valider' to confirm your information. Click on 'Supprimer mon compte' to remove your account


You are now registered on LeetGamerZ's website.



2. Create a team


First, click on your profile and go to 'Jeux'.

Here is 'Compte de jeu', 'Added/Certification of a game account on Steam' and "Add another type of game account"
Click on your game.

To create a team, click on the button 'Mes équipes' on the menu. (the blue one)

After click on 'Créer une équipe', the 2nd button.
You will be redirected to a form.

Team's name : choose a team name (for instance : Bioman forEver)

Team's Tag : create a tag for your team (for instance : B4E)

Country : choose your country

Game : choose the game you are playing

Website : don't forget the "http://" IRC Channel : for instance,

Game's server : for instance,

Introduction : Few words about your team. (optional)

Challenge accepted : check if you accept to receive challenges from other teams

Game level : choose your level

Recruitment : check to accept applications for recruitment. if you don't check this, your team mates won't be able to join the team and then you won't be able to register for any Competitions.

Recruitment message : Write a message that potential applicants will see (optional)

3. Join a team

If you are not the owner of the team, you have to join the team.
Ask your mate who is the owner to send you the link of the team. Then, look underneath the team picture and click on ‘Rejoindre l’équipe ‘ (Join the team).

Don’t forget to have entered the correct game for your team on your profile.

After you’ve clicked, you can write a message to join or just click on ‘valider’ to validate your request.
Your request is normally well sent !

Now the team owner must confirm new members.

First, go to your team’s card. Click on ‘Gerer les membres ‘ below the picture. Click on the ‘Accepter’ to accept join requests.

Now you can register to Cup !


4. Registration to a FastCup.

If this is your first time registering to a LeetgamerZ cup, ask an admin before the cup to sign up your team and your line-up.

The Admin responsible for the competition will add you if and only if you send the ID of the team and the IDs of the players who are going to do the Cup.

Finding your ID is really easy. The ID of your team is on the link of your team card. The ID is the number at the end of the link.

It is the same for the ID of the players, but instead of the teamcard, you have to go to the player card.

It helps us a lot if you send it to us directly!


To register to a cup by yourself, click on ‘Competitions’ on the menu bar in grey on the top of the page.

Choose between FastCup and Ladder and look for the competition you want to enter.

Choose with which team you are going to play the cup (If you are registered in several teams).

Pick if you have a server available to play or not. (oui = yes, we have a server to play, non = no, we don’t have one)

Check button ‘j’ai lu et j’accepte le règlement’ (I read and I accept the rule) and click on ‘Valider’ to ‘Validate’.

You are now registered to a competition !

Congratulations !


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